Daughter in law and friend sentenced to life in prison for murder of couple

Palakkad: Daughter-in-law and friend sentenced to life imprisonment in the case of murdering a couple and stealing gold ornaments and money. Palakkad District Sessions Court Judge K. Vijayan alias Shadanandan (Achayan-58) of Ernakulam Vadkanparavur Mannam Chopulliveetil and Sheeja (41) of Tolanur Poolakkalparamp Kunninmelveetil, the second defendant and wife of the couple’s son, have been charged in the case. Punished by Ananthakrishna Navada.

The incident took place on September 13, 2017. Swaminathan (75) and his wife Premakumari were found murdered inside their house. The police found that Swaminathan and Premakumari’s animosity towards Sheeja’s constant quarreling, living at her husband’s house and her desire to avoid her husband’s parents led to the murder.

Apart from this, the police and the prosecution also say that Sheeja had a secret relationship with Shadanandan. The prosecution said that she was afraid that the family and thereby her husband would come to know about this information. The prosecution also argued that the murder was committed in order to continue the relationship by appointing Shadanandan as a caretaker in the house in the future and to take possession of the property of the husband and wife.