CPIM worker wearing a rain coat and threw a steel bomb at a BJP worker’s house

CCTV footage of Kannur New Mahi Chalakkara bomber out. A bomb blast hit the BJP worker’s house last Sunday. The police arrested the CPIM worker who threw the steel bomb.

A steel bomb hit the house of Sanup, a BJP worker. No one was seriously injured, but the house was damaged. The incident took place on Sunday evening. It was raining at that time. Footage has emerged of a CPIM worker wearing a blue raincoat throwing a bomb at a BJP worker’s house and fleeing.

Arun, a CPIM activist, has been arrested in connection with the incident. The primary conclusion is that this violence is a remnant of the tensions that broke out in the area after the results of the Lok Sabha elections. After the election, some CPIM workers were injured in the attack by BJP workers.