RTO cancels Sanju Techy’s driving license

YouTuber Sanju Techy license revoked for life. Alappuzha Enforcement RTO’s action on ongoing motor vehicle violations via YouTube. Saju can go for appeal in the case.

The registration of Sanju Techy’s vehicle was earlier canceled for violating the Motor Vehicle Act. Saju was trapped by MVD after preparing a swimming pool and taking a bath in a moving car.

The MVD had forwarded the report to the High Court that Sanju Techy was constantly violating the Motor Vehicle Act. The High Court requested a report from the MVD when it noticed the YouTube video of Saju mocking the MVD and the media.

There is currently a case against Sanju for driving the 17-year-old. Driving at 160 kms, driving shot on mobile. Luxury vehicles were launched with a facelift. More violations were found during the inspection conducted by the RTO on the YouTube channel.