I Wasn’t Excited When I First Went to Telugu Industry,Says Gayathri Suresh

Gayatri Suresh is an actress who entered the world of cinema with the film Jamnapyari and has become a favorite of Malayali people through short films. Other films in which Gayatri has acted A Mexican Aparata, Sakhaav, Kala Viplavam Pranayam, Varnyathil Ashanka. The actor was trolled recently, including his speech in a Telugu film. There were trolls saying that he acted in Telugu in the Thrissur language style. Gayatri has now opened up about the reason for dubbing in that film.

At the time of acting, everyone thought that they would get someone else to dub. So I learn my dialogue and say it in my own style. But when it was dubbed, it didn’t work when it was done with another person. But when they heard my speech, they liked it. So he came to me and told me to do the same. That’s how it happened. But it was not premeditated.

When I first started in Telugu, I had no excitement. I had a thought in my mind, Oh, I can’t get a movie in Malayalam, so I have to go to Telugu. But when I went there I realized that there is nothing like that. It’s cool there. When I started acting there, I realized that there is no language difference between acting and I can enjoy it.