Kollam Stench stinks; even hospital waste is dumped in the lake

Kollam: Kollam Ashtamudi backwater is deteriorating. Even the toilet waste is emptied into the lake. This is done with the knowledge of the authorities. MK Salim, a public servant, says that the water in the dam, which should be clear as water, is full of human excrement.Kollam District Hospital’s waste and the waste from the nearby colony are discharged into the lake. Today the embankment is in a ruined state.

The authorities don’t know what to do anymore. The Chief Minister who is visiting foreign countries should also see the developments in our country. It used to be said that those who have seen Kollam do not want it. Today it is unbearable because of the stench. People are dying of cancer without killing. Kollam water also has the highest number of coliform bacteria. The main reason for this is human excreta mixing in the lake.