Milma’s dark chocolate found infested with worms; similar complaints in the past,Authorities to withdraw the product from the market

Kozhikode: Complaint that Milma’s dark chocolate was full of worms. A resident of Kozhikode Thamarassery came forward with the complaint.Last evening, he bought chocolate from the bakery near the old stand in Thamarassery. The price was 40 rupees. The complainant says that when he removed the cover and removed the inner aluminum foil cover, he saw full of maggots.

The packing date of the chocolate is shown as October 16, 2023. Expiry date is 15 October 2024. MILMA officials reached the spot after getting the information, withdrew the stock from the shop and collected a sample of the worm-laden chocolate.

Following the complaint, Koduvalli Circle officials of Food Safety Department also started inspection. Last October, Milma started the production of chocolate as a new product. MILMA officials stated that similar complaints have been received from other parts and the product of this batch will be completely withdrawn from the market.