Bangladeshi MP’s murder case: Honey trap for a reward of 5crore, suspect’s girlfriend in custody

Kolkata: In the brutal murder of Bangladesh MP Anwarul Azim Anar, investigation into the girlfriend of the accused who conducted a honeytrap for a reward of five crores. The police are looking for Sheelashti Rahman, a friend of U.S. citizen Aktarusaman Shaheen, who planned the murder. Police have taken them into custody and are interrogating them.The police say that it was Sheelashti Rahman who brought the MP from Dhaka to Kolkata. The police have also received information that five crore rupees were paid as a reward for the events that took place until the butcher was killed and the body was left in several pieces.

Police arrested a young man named Jihad Hawaladar, a butcher from Mumbai, in connection with the incident.The investigation team is giving an indication that the information received from the investigation so far is that the MP has been caught in a honey trap. Meanwhile, Sheelashti is also looking for Rahman’s role.In the CCTV footage obtained by the investigation team, it is clear that the slain MP was arriving with a woman. The investigation team thought that Sheelashti was in this scene. They have been taken into custody by the Dhaka Police.

MP was brought to the flat and strangled to death and then the skin was removed from the dead body. Later, the body was packed into several pieces and dumped in various parts of Kolkata, the authorities said. The police also said that turmeric powder was sprinkled to avoid easy decomposition