Unlock 5.0 | Schools open from October 15; What should children do? Center with guidelines

The Central Government had earlier announced that schools and colleges across the country would be reopened from October 15 as part of the drive. It was made clear that the states and union territories could take a decision in this regard. This was announced in a new guideline issued by the Union Home Ministry granting relaxation in Kovid restrictions.

UAE School
UAE School

Following this, the Ministry of Education has issued guidelines for opening. The proposal calls for the implementation of arrangements that prioritize the safety of students by ensuring Kovid defensive precautions. It is also suggested that attendance should not be compulsory. Do not force children to come to class. It also says that those who want to study at home should be allowed to do so. Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal tweeted the guidelines.

Important Instructions

1. labs, libraries, and should be used in all areas should be cleaning of all kinds of schools and classrooms.

2. Adequate ventilation should be ensured in the interiors.

3. Seating should be arranged in such a way as to ensure social distance when arranging classrooms.

4. Ceremonies and public events in schools should be avoided.

5. Mandatory face mask for students and other staff members of the school. Make sure it is worn full time.

6. Boards clarifying the COVID protocol and the need to maintain social distance should be placed where appropriate.

7. Parental consent is mandatory for students coming to school. Those who wish to study at home should also be given permission. Students in the cantonment zone do not have to come to school.

8. The academic calendar of all classes has changed. Especially with regard to breaks and exams‌. Students should ensure that textbooks are received before the schools open.

9. Ensure full-time healthcare services in schools or within calling distance. Anyone can be a doctor/nurse / counselor depending on the physical and mental health of the students.

10. Arrangements can be made for health check-ups for students and teachers.

11. The government should intervene and take home-cooked food to take into account the nutritional needs of children and to protect them after vaccination. If this is not possible then financial assistance should be provided.

12. Food security, health, and hygiene should be ensured along with social distance.