World Nature Conservation Day 2021

World Nature Conservation Day is observed on July 28 every year. The day marks the importance of nature and environment and serves as a reminder to preserve our natural resources. Special awareness campaigns are organised worldwide to acknowledge that a healthy environment is a foundation for a stable and healthy human society.

World Nature Conservation Day assumes significance as the main purpose is to conserve resources that play a pivotal role in protecting Earth. The objective behind observing World Nature Conservation Day is to introspect as a species how humans are exploiting nature. Every human being is responsible for the conservation of nature and each individual must participate in protecting the environment. Together, we need to work towards a sustainable world to ensure the well being of the present as well as future generations. The rise in global temperature is causing an imbalance between nature and humans. It gives rise to various diseases and leads to disasters like floods. World Nature Conservation Day recognises that a healthy environment is important for a stable and productive society. The history and origin of World Nature Conservation Day is not known but the main aim of celebrating it on 28 July is to introspect as a species on how humans are exploiting nature and take steps to conserve it. Humans are facing the wrath of global warming, various diseases, natural disasters, increased temperature, etc, due to the overexploitation of natural resources.