International Day Of Peace 2021

September 21 is commemorated as the International Day of Peace world over. The United Nations describes this day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, through observing 24 hours of non-violence and cease-fire. This day seeks to remind people of all races and all nations to think about universal peace.

On this day, the aim is to observe a ceasefire for 24 hours in all areas across all nations where fighting is going on. This year’s theme is “recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world”. It focuses on how to help everyone recover better, how to build resilience, and how to transform our world into a place that is more equal, more just, equitable, inclusive, sustainable, and healthier. It also promotes a green and sustainable global economy that produces jobs, reduces emissions, and builds resilience to climate impacts. Around the world some countries continue to share borders that have had a violent and bloody past and some still continue to maintain peace through all the political tensions. It is one of the most effective ways to not only avoid a disastrous conflict but to resolve it as well. The UN in 1981 first named the third Tuesday of September as International Day of Peace. This day was also when the UN General Assembly held its opening sessions. The date to celebrate International Day of Peace was eventually changed to September 21 starting 2002. 20 years after the day was established, the UN General Assembly unanimously voted to designate the day as a period where countries practiced non-violence and cease-fire.