At Least 10 boats sink in a Typhoon shelter in Hong Kong

A fire broke in Hong Kong’s Aberdeen South Typhoon Shelter in the early hours of June 27. The fire engulfed over 30 boats, resulting in the sinking of at least 10, according to AP. Firefighters rescued 35 people from the vessel and one person who felt unwell was hospitalised.

The fire broke out at 2:30 am in Hong Kong’s Aberdeen South Typhoon Shelter. The fire incident was upgraded to No.3 alarm fire just over two hours later. Cooking gas and fuel canisters also exploded and the fire was upgraded to third alarm at 4.44am. It was difficult for firefighters to tackle the fires because of narrow channels between craft as they went into action with seven fire boats, 41 fire engines, 11 fire boat monitors and eight jets, with a total of 215 firefighters and emergency personnel manning ambulances. The fire was brought under control more than six hours later. Thirty-five people were rescued from boats. The cause of the fire remains unknown until now. As per local reports, people were advised by the authorities to close their doors and windows in case they were affected by fumes. The Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter is located off the edge of Ap Lei Chau, or “Duck Tongue Island” in English. It is a small island connected by a bridge to Hong Kong Island.