Coconut instead of tuition fee

On account of financial troubles caused due to the pandemic, a college in Bali is accepting coconuts as tuition fees from students. This noble gesture is introduced in The Venus One Tourism Academy, a hospitality college, showed compassion towards their pupils after many failed to pay tuition fees due to the current economic slowdown in the country. The college recently made it official that struggling students will be allowed to pay their tuition fees in the form of natural raw materials. These coconuts will be used to harvest Virgin Coconut Oil at the school. Earlier the institution planned an instalment program to pay the tuition fees. Most of the students still struggled to pay the fee, the college came up with the solution to allow their students to pay in the form of natural raw materials if they were struggling. The college is accepting tuition fees in the form of other natural products as well. Moringa leaves and Gotu kola leaves, that are used to produces herbal products. Students can also resell their own products to develop their entrepreneurship skills.