Dhoni set to export vegetables from his Ranchi Farmhouse to Dubai

Dhoni set to export vegetables from his Ranchi farmhouse to Dubai

Vegetables from the farm house of former captain of Team India and Prince of Ranchi MS Dhoni are set to tantalize the taste buds of people in Dubai. Preparations for the consignment of vegetables grown in Dhoni’s farm house to Dubai are in the final stage. Negotiations are also in its final stages. The agency for sending vegetables to Dubai has also been selected.

The Agriculture Department of Jharkhand has taken the responsibility of sending Dhoni’s vegetables abroad. All Season Farm Fesh agency will sell Dhoni’s vegetables in Dubai. This is the same agency through which the Department of Agriculture sent several consignments of vegetables to the Gulf countries. Dhoni’s farm house is located at Ring Road in Sembo village. Strawberries, cabbage, tomatoes, broccoli, peas, hock and papaya are extensively cultivated in about 10 acres of the 43-acre farm house. There is a huge demand in the Ranchi market of cabbage, tomatoes and peas grown in Dhoni’s farm house. He had already started a poultry business, by ordering a batch of 2000 black Kadaknath chickens at his organic poultry unit located in Ranchi last year.