Dubai Police reunite European girl with her family after she was reported missing

Dubai Police have reunited a European girl with her family after she travelled to Dubai without informing her family. She was reported missing in her country by her family. The girl was suffering ‘mental’ issues and did not alert her family about her travel plans.

A Dubai hotel alerted Dubai Police about the 19-year-old girl wanted to book a room but the hotel suspected something abnormal with her condition. “A team of officers went to the hotel and found that she had arrived to the emirate without her family’s knowledge. The police contacted her country’s consulate, which confirmed that the girl’s family didn’t know her whereabouts after she left the house. Her country’s consulate told us that her family was searching for her and had lodged a missing complaint in their country,” said Captain Al Shaikh. “She wanted to visit Dubai after she saw pictures and videos about life in the UAE and beautiful tourist attractions.” Dubai Police also booked a flight ticket for her aunt to Dubai to support her. Both the girl and her aunt stayed in Dubai for two weeks under the supervision and support of the police team, after which they were sent back to their country, the officer added. “The victims’ follow-up programme in Dubai Police is part of our community policing initiative.