French police station incident: investigation started

An attacker fatally stabbed a woman working in a French police office near Paris, before being killed by officers nearby. The female police employee has been killed in a knife attack at a police station south-west of Paris.

Anti-terror prosecutors have taken over the inquiry, and the killing is being treated as a possible terrorist attack. The attacker, who reportedly came to France from Tunisia several years ago, was shot dead by police. The assault on Friday afternoon took place in the secure entrance area of the police station in Rambouillet, a town 57km (35 miles) southwest of the French capital. The officer killed was a 49-year-old administrative employee who worked for the national police service, a national police spokesperson told. The officer, a mother of two who was returning from a lunch break, was stabbed in the throat twice and died of her wounds shortly afterwards, a police source said. The attacker had scouted out the scene before launching the attack, an official with the prosecutor’s office said. The identity and the motive of the assailant were not immediately clear. French media reports identified him as a 37-year-old French resident with no criminal record.