From school days to now my mother has been my shadow and support; Guinness Pakru

Guinness Pakru is the Malayalee’s favorite star who turned shortness of height into success. The actor often shares family details through social media. Now the actor is talking about his mother’s love. . Guinness Pakru says that his mother has been his shadow from his school days till his present age.

“During my school days, I couldn’t go alone. My mother, who was working, would come and take me with her. Since then, my mother has been my strength. Recently, there was a ceremony in Kozhikode to honor mothers. My mother also received an award there. She received a mango plant, which she brought home and planted in our courtyard in Kottayam. Later, she came to my house in Ernakulam with the mangoes of that plant. This incident happened recently. Says Guinness Pakru