Spent total of of 18.65 crore, stated that RS 22 crore had been spent; Police report against Manjummel Boys producers

Police investigation report against Manjummal Boys film makers in financial fraud case. It was a pre-planned fraud by the producers. The complainant was made to believe that the first schedule was completed before the shooting began. The cost of the film was only Rs 18.65 crore. 22 crore lied. Parava Film Company has not returned even a part of the purchase money to the complainant.

According to the report submitted by the police in the High Court, the claim of the producers that Rs 22 crore was spent on the film is false. The police had registered a case against the makers of ‘Manjummal Boys’ in a case of betrayal of trust. According to the order of Ernakulam First Class Magistrate Court, the police registered a case against Shaun Anthony, Soubin Shahir and Babu Shahir. The case is under the headings of criminal conspiracy, breach of trust and forgery.

Earlier, the court had frozen the bank accounts of Parava Films and partner Shaun Antony. The police submitted the investigation report after the High Court temporarily stayed the arrest of the producers. The complaint was filed by Siraj Waliyathara Hameed, a native of Arur, who had spent Rs 7 crore on the production of Manjummal Boys. The complaint alleges that the producers, who had promised 40 percent profit share, cheated after collecting the money without paying the profit share or investment.

Also, Siraj says that the makers of the film have also earned around Rs 20 crores by providing OTT platform rates. Siraj also stated that despite the film making financial gains, neither the investment nor the profit share was paid as per the contract. But the producers said in the anticipatory bail application that they have not received the entire collection amount of the film and the calculation has not been done. Directed by Chidambaram, ‘Manjummal Boys’ is the first 200 crore film in Malayalam. The movie was a hit in Tamil Nadu as well.