Stars congratulate Suresh Gopi on his victory in the Thrissur Lok Sabha elections

Suresh Gopi won in the Thrissur Lok Sabha elections

After NDA candidate and actor Suresh Gopi won the Lok Sabha elections in Thrissur, the Malayalam film world congratulated him. Many actors and actresses have come forward to congratulate Suresh Gopi. Actresses Jyotikrishna, Bhama and Mukta actor Sudheer posted on social media. The stars have written that Suresh Chetan has reached Thrissur and wishes.

Meanwhile, Suresh Gopi, the NDA candidate from Thrissur, said that his victory was the reward of a great struggle. He said that he is thankful to all the Gods and Mother Lourdes who gave the victory in Thrissur as a blessing.He swam against the current. He personally suffered great harm. All these evils came upon him like great stones. But the Praja Gods of Thrissur recognized everything. Many attempts were made to change the minds and minds of the people. But the gods purified their minds. Through me people were converted to my politics. This is a huge success.

Everyone knows the crowd of Thrissur Lok Sabha constituency. So this victory is a big surprise. This success brought great fame to me and my family. I am bowing to the secular Praja Gods of Thrissur. Voters from other districts campaigned for him. Mothers came from Delhi and Madhya Pradesh and campaigned for him. All this led to his success.

Party workers were with him for the last five years. They helped him more than he asked for. Suresh Gopi added that Narendra Modi is his political god.