Lal sir is a very positive person who forgets everything very soon- Devayani

Devayani is a brilliant actress in Malayalam cinema. The actress, who acted in several films in South Indian languages, is now active in TV serials. In 2001, director Rajkumaran and Devayani got married secretly. Devyani is now a mother of two girls. Devyani’s interview about Mohanlal is gaining attention

Lal sir is lke an ocean. He is such a person of patience, dedication and sincerity. Someone who knows how to please a director when he comes on a set. His dedication to acting is beyond words.

He approaches the director and the script with their own importance, love and sincerity. He has a way of patiently listening to the wishes and ideas of the directors and bringing them into the character. He will forget the past that’s what I learned from him. Devayani laughs saying that.

Every day the lalettan says don’t think about the past. Don’t keep the past in your mind. Advise not to destroy peace in life by doing so. Sir tell us to delete it as soon as possible. Lal sir is a very positive person – said Devayani.