German call to ban ‘Jewish star’ at Pandemic demos

Germany’s anti-Semitism commissioner Felix Klein urged authorities on Friday to stop protesters from using a mock yellow Star of David badge forced on Jews during World War II. Anti-lockdown protesters have been seen wearing the yellow badge in Germany in opposition to government plans to offer more freedoms to those who get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Some protesters have replaced the word “Jude” (Jew) with the phrase “ungeimpft” (unvaccinated), equating Covid restrictions with the persecution of Europe’s Jewish population. Mr Klein said he hoped German cities would follow Munich in banning it. Demonstrators changed the label inscription on the yellow badge to “unvaccinated,” claiming Germany’s coronavirus policy draws comparisons to the persecution of Jews during the war. Klein warned that such actions relativize the Holocaust. During World War II, Germany made wearing the Star of David badge obligatory throughout territories they occupied, dehumanising Jews by marking them out as different. Jews found without one faced a fine, prison or death. The yellow star has appeared at protests beyond Germany too. The yellow Star of David has also been seen in protests in London.