Google pledges $25mn to empower women including India, the philanthropic arm of the tech giant, on Monday said it will provide $25 million in grants to non-profits and social enterprises globally, including India, that are working on empowering girls and women. The company, which has committed support one million rural women entrepreneurs in India, also stated that its ‘Internet Saathi’ digital literacy training programme has benefitted over 30 million women across the country to become entrepreneurs through business tutorials, tools and mentorship.

One of the first initiatives under that effort is led by the NASSCOM Foundation, wherein the organisation is getting a $500,000 grant from to support one lakh women agri workers. Google said it has launched the ‘Women Will’ web platform that will be complemented by community support, mentorship and accelerator programmes for rural women entrepreneurs. Available in English and Hindi, the platform is designed especially for women aspiring to explore entrepreneurship. To begin with, Google will work with 2,000 Internet Saathis to help other women gain from this resource and start on their entrepreneurial journey.