Pakistan puts up Imran Khan’s house on rent amid financial crisis

Imran Khan

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government, led by Imran Khan, has decided to put up the Prime Minister House in Islamabad for rent, reported Saama Tv. Khan, who had earlier vowed to convert the building into a university and education hub, has decided to rent it out for fashion, cultural and educational events. The decision was finalized by the Federal Cabinet of Pakistan. The move is being touted as a measure to shore up funds for the cash-strapped country.

In this regard, two committees have been constituted to ensure that the ‘decorum’ and ‘discipline’ of the PM House are maintained during these events. According to local media, the federal cabinet will meet and discuss ways to garner revenue from the PM House building. Imran Khan had already vacated the Prime Minister House in August 2019 and shifted to his plush residence at Bani Gala. The ruling government in Pakistan had also declared that governors would not stay in Governor Houses anymore to break away from colonial tradition and cut down on heavy costs at the same time. The money saved by these measures could instead be used for welfare schemes, the Pakistan government had said. In September of 2018, the PTI government in Pakistan had garnered Rs 23 lakhs in proceeds after auctioning eight buffaloes maintained by Imran Khan’s predecessor Nawaz Sharif at the PM House. The Pakistan government also auctioned 61 luxury cars earlier this year in an effort to raise money for the country’s cash-strapped economy.