Salmonella Bacteria Detected in Cucumbers Used for Salad

New York: Presence of Salmonella bacteria in salad cucumbers. 162 people sought treatment at the hospital with health problems due to bacterial infection. The incident happened in Columbia, America. With this, the country’s agriculture department has recalled the salad cucumbers that were distributed to 14 states of the country.

This follows a warning from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Salmonella Africana was found in cucumbers from a farm in Florida.The presence of Salmonella bacteria was found in a detailed examination of those who sought treatment due to health problems. In the subsequent investigation, it was found that they had eaten salad cucumbers.

Based on this, the presence of bacteria was found in salad cucumbers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recalled all of the salad cucumbers that were distributed.The infection was first reported in Pennsylvania. The infected cucumbers were distributed to states like Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.