Rahul Gandhi Becomes Opposition Leader, Vacates Wayanad Seat

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi will be the Leader of the Opposition. The Congress Working Committee meeting passed a resolution in this regard. A decision on which constituency Rahul Gandhi will retain will be taken before the 17th.

Meanwhile, there are indications that Rahul Gandhi may vacate the Wayanad seat. Uttar Pradesh PCC’s interest in retaining the Rae Bareli seat has been conveyed to Rahul Gandhi.
Meanwhile, there are indications that Priyanka Gandhi will not come to Wayanad, which Rahul is vacating. In Wayanad, the leaders of Kerala itself may be considered.

The Congress parliamentary party leader will be decided in the meeting to be held today at 5 pm. Then this leader will choose the leaders of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Currently, Sonia Gandhi is the leader of the parliamentary party.

The Working Committee meeting held today praised the struggle of the entire people of India to protect the Constitution. The meeting also thanked the Congress for its support for its comeback. According to a press release issued after the meeting, the party will form clear political, economic and social systems to protect the rights of minorities and protect democracy.

The press release stated that the party will press for an immediate socio-economic census across the country and resolve the social crises affecting the farmers and youth of the country.