Suresh Gopi will win in Thrissur – Akhil Marar

Bigg Boss Malayalam winner and director Akhil Marar has explained the reason why Suresh Gopi will win from Thrissur in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. I said that Suresh Gopi will win not because I have seen the work of BJP or because I have seen the work done by Suresh Gopi there. People always think about thinking. When people criticize Sureshetan, they see how much is right in it. Akhil Marar said that people should stand with him when they attack him by distorting some things.
‘I am not a person who has a great personal relationship with Suresh Gopi. Everyone went to the wedding at his house and I didn’t go. Because that’s all there is to it. I’m not saying anything because I don’t think Polly will give anything away. I said reality. Reality was said years ago. Had two children who got AIDS years ago. This man stood up for those children when he was a superstar. Similarly, he stood by them when the issue of endosulfan came up. Suresh Gopi takes his own money and helps people not for fame. Suresh Gopi had a close relationship with Karunakaran. Even though he got the chance to contest the election that day, he did not accept it. No honors were bought. ‘
When I met Major Ravi sir, I told him not to talk too much when he met Sureshetan. If you talk too much, sometimes you will lose. Because things that are said innocently can be dangerous later.’ – said Akhil Marar.