UN to find political solution in Afghanistan

The United Nations said it remains in touch with stakeholders in Afghanistan to find a political solution to the conflict, said the chief spokesman for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres reported ANI. Stephane Dujarric, during a press briefing, said on Tuesday, “We continue to be in touch with all the parties, whether in Afghanistan or regional parties in an effort to find a political solution.”

The spokesperson also said the facts on the ground in Afghanistan as reported are “extremely worrying” and “extremely concerning”, Sputnik reported. “All this should be a reminder for the parties to actually focus on the political process,” Dujarric added. The new wave of deadly clashes by Taliban terrorists started in Afghanistan last month. With US and NATO forces announcing that they are withdrawing from the country, the Taliban began an assault on major cities and seized control of several cities. The insurgents have taken advantage of the security vacuum left by the withdrawal of US forces. The Taliban control large swathes of the countryside and are now challenging Afghan government forces in several large cities, including Herat, near the western border with Iran, as well as Laskhar Gah and Kandahar in the south. Taliban have also attacked civilians and imposed regressive and barbaric rules in the provinces that fell to them. The war has increasingly spilled into the capital Kabul too, with insurgents shooting dead the head of the Afghan government’s media information on Friday.

In less than a week, the Taliban captured seven out of 34 provincial capitals in the country. United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said on Tuesday said that violence against Afghan civilians by Taliban fighters “could amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity”.