US to ban travel from India from Tuesday midnight

US President Joe Biden issued a proclamation restricting travel from India beginning May 4 because of the “extraordinarily high COVID-19 caseloads and multiple variants circulating in the country”.

However, certain categories of students, academics, journalists and individuals have been exempted from the India travel ban announced by President Joe Biden, the US State Department said. The exemptions were issued by Secretary of State Tony Blinken. The travel ban which the entry of foreign nationals who have been physically present in India within 14 days of their travel to the United States. The ban do not apply to American citizens and permanent residents with ties in the US. The ban will exclude aid workers and not effect the flow of aid and humanitarian assistance to India. A formal announcement on the matter is expected late on Friday. India joins a list of countries already subject to regional COVID travel bans, currently consisting of Brazil, China, Iran, Ireland, countries in the European Schengen Area, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. The India ban restrictions take effect at 12:01 am EDT on May 4, 2021. Like the other bans, the India travel restrictions will remain in place until terminated by the President.