Wear a mask, wash your hands, Vote out Trump: Joe Biden

Donald Trump accepts defeat, agrees to Biden transition

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has tweeted that he will continue to make controversial statements from Trump centers regarding wearing a mask to prevent the spread of the Covid. Joe Biden tweeted that he should wear a mask, wash his hands and vote for Trump.

Joe Biden Images
Joe Biden Images

Dr. Scott Atlas Musk, Donald Trump’s chief adviser on the Covid defense, was removed from Twitter by a tweet underestimating his importance. ‘Is the mask useful?’ No, ‘said Dr. Scott. Twitter took action, saying the statement was misleading.

Earlier, Twitter removed several of Trump’s statements. Trump, who has been wearing a mask since the beginning of the Covid expansion, began using the mask in recent months. In early October, Covid-afflicted Trump addressed the crowd by throwing off his mask after recovering from an illness that had caused a great deal of controversy.

Joe Biden has ridiculed Trump’s statements, both related and non – related to Covid. Joe Biden came to the scene the other day mocking Trump’s statement that he would leave the country if he lost. Biden tweeted that he was “sure” that he would leave the country if he failed.