Actress Meera Vasudevan got married

Actress Meera Vasudevan got married. The groom is cinema and television cinematographer Vipin Puthyangam. The marriage took place in Coimbatore. Only close relatives and friends attended the wedding. Meera Vasudevan herself informed the fans of the good news through social media. Vipin is the cinematographer of serials including Kudumbavilak where Meera plays the lead role. This friendship led to love and later marriage. Vipin is a native of Alathur, Palakkad.

‘We are officially married. Me and Vipin got married in Coimbatore on 24th April. Today they were officially registered as a couple. Let me introduce the VP. He is a native of Alathur, Palakkad. He is a photographer. He is an international award winner. Me and Vipin have been working together on a project since 2019. We have been friends for the past one year. Eventually that friendship led to marriage.

Only our close family members and two or three friends attended the wedding. Sharing this happy news with my well wishers, relatives, friends and media who have supported me in my professional journey. I hope you share the same love and support with my husband Vipin too.’- Meera shared the video with wedding pictures.

This is Meera’s third marriage. Meera’s first husband is Vishal Agarwal, son of famous cinematographer Ashok Kumar. She later got married to actor John Kokan. A son was born in that relationship. After that John moved into another married life but Meera was busy with her son’s affairs and her projects. Along with Kudumbavilak serial, the actress was also active in films.