Calcutta High Court Stays Sexual Assault Case Against West Bengal Governor CV Ananda Bose

The Calcutta High Court stayed the sexual assault case filed by Mamata Banerjee and the police against West Bengal Governor Dr CV Anandabose. Warning against using police to play politics. This is a huge setback for Mamata Banerjee. Dr CV Ananda Bose reacted after knowing the verdict and doubted whether even God would be able to save Mamata whom he called his sister. Here is the latest information from Kolkata

The High Court criticized Mamata Banerjee and the Bengal Police in the sexual harassment complaint against the West Bengal Governor. The Kolkata High Court has criticized the Mamata government for trying to humiliate Governor Anandabose by making malicious, artificial and vile allegations.

Mamata’s false case against Bengal Governor has burst like a balloon. The move to use the police against the governor who is working against injustice has ended here. The Calcutta High Court’s order is a blow to Mamata Banerjee’s machinations. The Governor has constitutional powers. Mamata’s government violated that authority by filing false cases against the governor and harassing Raj Bhavan officials. The High Court ruled that all these measures were illegal. The investigation has also been stayed. A move to quash the proceedings and FIR was initiated.