All 22-member crew aboard the container ship that crashed into Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore were Indians

Maryland. In Baltimore, US, the Francis Scott Key bridge was involved in an accident less than half an hour after the start of the journey. The bridge was completely destroyed by the impact of the thunder. and fell into the river. The vessel is owned by Singapore company Grace Ocean Pte.

Synergy Marine Group is in charge of overseeing the vessel. The ship returned to Colombo, Sri Lanka. The ship was supposed to reach Colombo on April 22.

Meanwhile, there were 22 crew members on board at the time of the accident. Synergy Marine Group Communications Department Press Officer said this. One of the employees was slightly injured. At the same time, it is reported that there were also Indians in the cup.

The lights go out and smoke can be seen billowing from the ship’s funnel before the ship crashes. The cause of the accident is believed to be engine failure or steering failure.