‘As we get older, our priorities will become clearer’, Watch Video

A video that is only three seconds long is now going viral on social media. The video shows a grandmother and her granddaughter together. Grandmother struggles to handle her grandson and the wine glass sitting at the table together.

The baby is holding a wine glass and playing from the table. The grandmother is holding the baby in one hand and the glass in the other. Meanwhile, the baby’s clap glass falls and the grandmother immediately tries to stop it. But he accidentally gave up and the baby fell down. This is what we see in the video.

The video was viewed by more than eight million people in a matter of seconds. More than half a million people have shared the video. The caption to the video reads, ‘As we get older, our priorities become clearer.’

While some say the video made them laugh, many criticize the grandmother’s act of holding the baby and protecting the glass.

Critics have questioned what it would be like to do so near a terrace or swimming pool. In the comment box, you will find people justifying themselves by saying that even if I am in the position of a grandmother, sometimes I will do this.