Street vendor from UP invited PM to eat Momos from his shop

A street vendor in Varanasi invites Prime Minister Narendra Modi to his shop in gratitude for a loan from Swanidhi. Arvind Maurya, who sells momos and coffee in the Durga Kund area, invited the Prime Minister to his shop during a video conference with the Prime Minister through a video conference with Swanidhi’s loaned street vendors. During the talk, Prime Minister expressed his desire to eat Momos, Arvind Maurya invited the Prime Minister to his shop. Momos is a popular delicacy in Varanasi. Arvind Maurya told the Prime Minister that he was giving free Momos to those who keep a social distance and wear masks as part of raising awareness about corona prevention. Modi lauded Arvind Maurya for his initiaive. The Prime Minister also inquired about the welfare of Maurya and about the formalities regarding getting the loan. Maurya said there was no impediment and that he had only filled in the application submitted by the Varanasi District Urban Development Authority. A day later, he received a notification from the bank that Rs 10,000 had been released. Maurya said he went with Aadhaar and transferred the amount to his own account. Asked by the Prime Minister if he knew that the loan sanctioned under the scheme was interest free, Arvind Maurya said that he knew that he can get an interest free loan of Rs 20,000 next year if the repayment is made in one go. He also asked Maurya if he was getting the benefits of other government schemes. Maurya informed the Prime Minister that grains were being provided free of cost under the Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Antya Yojana. Arvind Maurya did not forget to appreciate the Sharmogi scheme launched by the Central Government for the poor.