Briefcase containing 1 million dirham stolen; Businessman with a complaint in Dubai Court!

Two people are facing trial in Dubai for allegedly snatching a briefcase worth Dh1 million. The two hijacked a briefcase in the possession of an Iranian businessman. Murkhabat police later arrested the culprits in the incident. A subsequent investigation found the culprits in the briefcase. The money was stolen by an Arab man and his friend who were on a tourist visa in the UAE. About half of the stolen money (450,000 dirhams) was later recovered from an African man.

The incident took place on June 17. The 38-year-old Iranian businessman was standing near a hotel in Deira around 2.30 pm. “I went to see the first defendant in his office to make a commercial transaction. I brought a million dirhams that I had kept in a briefcase. While waiting in the car, an African man in the guise of a security guard tried to take me to the office of the person I met, but he quickly snatched my briefcase and escaped.” Said the victim businessman.

“The first defendant asked my friend to come to his place. That was when I was with him. The second defendant (a passerby from the UAE) who was involved in the incident asked my friend about the money”.Police told the prosecutor in court that the suspects were arrested in the lobby of a hotel in Deira. “The robbers admitted that the robbery was carried out with the help of a Turkish national,” the police official said. A verdict will be announced on September 22.