Chief Minister is trying to whitewash the backdoor appointments by pointing out the PSC appointment: Ramesh Chennithala

Chief Minister is trying to whitewash the backdoor appointments by pointing out the PSC appointment Ramesh Chennithala

Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala has said that the Chief Minister did not give a clear answer to the questions raised by him about the backdoor appointments of the last four years. Ramesh Chennithala was responding to a letter from the Leader of the Opposition regarding the backdoor appointments.

Pinarayi Vijayan
Pinarayi Vijayan

According to Chennithala’s letter, the CM’s answer to many questions, including irregular contract appointments, appointments that override employment exchanges, unauthorized stabilizations that overturn the Supreme Court ruling in the Umadevi case, and temporary appointments based on PSC rank lists.

The Chief Minister did not address many of the key issues he had raised, including the situation in which criminals in gold smuggling cases could be appointed to key positions in the state government on the basis of fake credentials and the doubts that exist with the qualifications of contract employees who have been illegally boarded, endangering national security and the interests of the state.

Below is the full text of the letter:

The Hon’ble Chief Minister,
received the letter and your reply regarding illegal appointments in the leadership of the state government. Many of my questions still need to be answered, including the irregular contract appointments made by the Left Front government over the last 4 years, the appointments that went beyond the employment exchanges, the illegal stabilizations that went beyond the Supreme Court judgment in the Umadevi case, and the temporary appointments that are being made by looking at the PSC rank lists.

Over the past four years, I have come across various allegations that criminals in gold smuggling cases could be appointed to key positions in the state government on the basis of fake credentials, such as those endangering national security and the interests of the state. Your reply is not mentioned in the letter. The letter also did not mention the action taken by these criminals against the misuse of official government vehicles, including government symbols and letterpads, for fraud.
When I checked the staff details book kept with the state budget about the number of temporary employees, the former LDF. During the tenure of the government, the number of temporary employees in 2009-2010 was 34,413 and the UDF During the tenure of the Government, during the financial years 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16, 19095, 18584 and 13418 respectively. The Chief Minister said the various departments and 11674 temporary employees in 2020-21
to see that there is currently humankind. There are 341 temporary employees in the Government Secretariat. However, this list does not include contract employees who are employed on large salaries in public sector / quasi-government institutions under various departments of the government.

This list does not include hidden contract appointments of the consultancy. Kifby appointments are not on this list. None of the details of the illegal appointments made by this government can be found in the Staff Details Book kept with the budget.
It is the first experience in Kerala to find consultants through back-to-back discussions and to make them part of important projects of the State Government and to make appointments without any principle. It should be read in conjunction with the move to publicly deny the competence and competence of state government officials and to allow some tainted consultancy firms to have offices in the Secretariat.

You are again making a desperate attempt to whitewash the ongoing irregular contract-daily pay appointments in the State based on the statistics of regular recruitment processes through PSAC. Your position on these illegal settlements and the attitude of the government is contrary to the very essence of the Umadevi case. It is not appropriate to conveniently exclude only a portion of the said judgment and justify the Government’s irregular appointment process.

In the case of Umadevi, Hon. The essence of the Supreme Court judgment is actually as follows.
‘In that context, the Union of India, the State Governments and their instrumentalities should take steps to regularize as a one time measure, the services of such irregularly appointed, who have worked for ten years or more in duly sanctioned posts but not under cover of orders of courts or of tribunals and should further ensure that regular recruitments are undertaken to fill those vacant sanctioned posts that require to be filled up, in cases where temporary employees or daily wagers are being now employed. The process must be set in motion within six months from this date. We also clarify that regularization, if any already made, but not subjudice, need not be reopened based on this judgment,

It is clear that stabilizations are now taking place in violation of the said judgment. This is the crore goal. In case of any doubt in this regard, the Government should be prepared to seek clear legal advice. As per Circular No. 48/2015 / Finance No. dated 13.05.2015 of the Finance Department, clear guidelines have been issued regarding matters including permanent appointments of public sector undertakings and autonomous bodies in the State. That too is not being observed now.

The UDF has always pursued a policy of wholehearted support for all development activities and projects in the interest of the State. Your argument that the Opposition is undermining the development plans of the state by raising unnecessary controversies is childish. All the concerns raised by the Opposition regarding the recent big plans of this government have now been proven to be true.
Opposition parties, including the Opposition, have demanded that the PSC rank lists be extended as no new appointments have been made in the state in the wake of the Kovid crisis.

Only nominal appointments have been made from various PSC rank lists during the last 5 months. Even before that, there were allegations that appointments were dragging on. As many as 58 PSC exams have been canceled so far in the wake of Kovid. In the present scenario, there will be many practical difficulties and indefinite delays in publishing new rank lists after completing the procedures including conducting new examinations and interviews. Although the government is fully aware of this, it should be considered as reluctant to extend the tenure of the rank lists in view of the possibility of illegal contract-temporary appointments. It is not at all logical to put forward arguments for this, including the age over of new candidates waiting to appear for the PSC exam. Many of the doubts I have raised earlier in this regard are further reinforced by the current situation.

In the wake of the current controversy, the government has decided to investigate all appointments made by the former IT secretary by the Financial Audit Division. To further expand the scope and scope of this particular inquiry, the Government should take strong action to include in all matters of contract-daily pay appointments and unauthorized appointments made in various departments, boards, corporations and autonomous institutions during the tenure of this Government, including the educational qualifications of such appointees, and to take drastic action on the part of the Government. It also wants to regain credibility.


Ramesh Chennithala