China wants its internet to become ‘civilized’ by reflecting Marxist values

China will accelerate the drafting and implementation of laws to prevent online crimes and protect minors using the internet, Xinhua News Agency reported, citing Communist Party guidelines. China wants a “civilized” internet that displays and promotes Chinese socialist values and will strengthen oversight to make it happen with tools including a rumor-debunking mechanism, as outlined in a missive from China’s Communist Party and the State Council.

The guidelines seek to enhance “internet civilization,” with more regulation required to improve ethics and behavior, according to the report on Tuesday from the official news agency. A nationwide platform will be established to curb online rumors and fake information, while targeted propaganda on the party’s achievements will be strengthened, Xinhua said. It’s the latest move by Beijing to strengthen oversight of online activities. To achieve a correct cyberspace culture, the recommendations dictate the internet’s use as a tool to disseminate information about “the great achievements of [China’s Communist] party in each historical period of revolution, construction, and reform.” The document also calls for a “clear-cut stand against historical nihilism.” Authorities have also asked internet companies to rectify wrongdoings in recent weeks. Companies are asked to also take the reins on user agreements and “national security awareness,” and the document calls for a strengthening of the country’s Personal Information Protection Law and Data Security Law.