Covid Defense: President Vladimir Putin approves Russia’s second vaccine

Russian President Vladimir Putin approves Russia’s second vaccine against Covid. The vaccine is called Epivacorona. The first phase of testing of the wax, developed at the Vector Institute in Siberia, was completed last month. It is estimated that 30,000 people, including 5,000 from Siberia, will be able to test the vaccine in the next two months.Do not expect the first Kovid vaccine until early 2021; WHO experts

At the same time, President Putin said that Russia should increase the production of the previously developed Sputnik 5 wax and the currently licensed Epivacorona wax and that Covid would cooperate with foreign countries in defense.

However, the Sputnik-5 vaccine has not yet been released to the public. To submit proposals prior to the second and third phase trials of Sputnik-5, which have completed the first phase of testing. The Central Drug Standards Control Organization had asked Reddy’s Laboratories yesterday.