Deputy Chief of Army Staff meets Indo-Pacific commander in US

Indian Army Deputy Commander-in-Chief General Satinder met with the Chief of Staff Major General Ronald P. Clarke, Commander of the Indo-Pacific Command in the United States. K. Saini. Ronald is the Commander-in-Chief of the Indo-Pacific Ocean, which includes the Indian coast.

China’s interests in the region have suffered major setbacks since the formation of Japan – Australia, India, and the US alliance. The alliance has emerged by questioning China’s vested interests, including in the South China Sea. Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam also have rights in the South China Sea, but China denies all of them. It is also common for China to deploy troops in violation of international maritime law.

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army General Satinder. K. Saini arrived in the United States for a three – day visit. China’s interests in the South China Sea also pose a threat to India. The Indo-Pacific region includes the 5 most powerful nuclear powers in the world. The U.S. Navy in Japan and Korea, as well as the Army of Special Operations Command Pacific and Pacific Fleet, have always been vigilant in the Indo-Pacific region.