‘Diamond Discovery’ in Mon district of Nagaland, probe ordered by Government

The news of diamonds being found at Wanching village in Nagaland’s Mon district spread on November 25 with people widely sharing videos and pictures of the supposed precious stone on social media platforms, people in the village reportedly started digging the ground in search of it.

It is not clear how these stones were discovered in the remote areas, but locals of Mon have reached the area in great numbers and are using crude tools to dig out the ‘diamonds’. From the visuals spreading, it appears that the locals have even camped out in the area amid a mad scramble to collect as many stones as possible. Following the viral videos and pictures of precious minerals found in Mon which went viral in social media, Government of Nagaland through the office of Geology and Mining ordered an investigation into the incident. An order issued by S. Manen, Director, Department of Geology and Mining stated that ‘As circulated on Social Media about the finding of precious minerals at Wakching area, Mon district, four Geologists; Abenthung Lotha, Longrikaba, Kenyelo Rengma, David Lhoupenyi, are detailed to investigate and submit the status report at the earliest.’