Disappearing Message feature on Instagram and Messenger

Facebook has announced a new ‘vanish mode’ on Messenger and Instagram that lets you send spontaneous messages that disappear automatically. The new feature is being introduced on the messaging apps on Facebook and Instagram, a new Snapchat-like feature. The new Vanish Mode will allow users to send texts, photos, voice messages, emoji, and stickers that will disappear after they’ve been seen by other parties and when they leave the chat window. Unlike Snapchat, Vanish Mode is not set to default on the Facebook messaging app; it is opt-in, have to agree to use it.

To turn on vanish mode, swipe on the mobile device within an existing chat. Swiping up again takes back to the normal mode in the chat. The first time you turn on the feature, you will get an information screen that explains it and how to stay safe when using it. It will appear in both apps as an option that can be turned on or off in the settings of the chat message or group thread. Another way of entering Vanish Mode is by swiping up on the chat window. The mode will then enable disappearing messages and other chat interactions. You can then turn it off by swiping up or selecting the option on the top of the window. The Vanish Mode is designed with safety in mind and the users can get the choice to turn it on or off. If, however, someone screenshots a chat while in vanish mode, you will be notified and you can always either block another user or report a conversation if you feel unsafe. Facebook said that the new mode would be available for Messenger in the US as well as few other countries, it will soon be expanded to new countries and Instagram. Vanish mode is slowly rolling out on Messenger and Instagram. You’ll have to update to the latest version of the apps to see if it’s available to you within the new combined Messenger experience. Earlier this month, Facebook-owned WhatsApp also rolled out a new disappearing messages feature.