Diwali Muhurat Trading Session 2020

Muhurat trading session on Diwali

Muhurat trading is a special symbolic trading session, which stock exchanges hold during the occasion of Diwali on Saturday, November 14. Both BSE and NSE conduct an hour-long trading session as per the “Shubh Muhurat” or auspicious timing. The Muhurat trading session is scheduled to start at 6:15 and it will end at 7:15. There will be pre-open Muhurat Session from 6:00 pm to 6:08 pm and a post-closing Muhurat Session between 7:25 pm and 7:35 pm. Indian stock markets remained closed on Diwali for normal trading but it is to noted that the one-hour special Muhurat trading session is conducted annually on the auspicious day of Diwali. Typically, a Muhurat trading session is characterised with a positive movement in benchmark indices but low trading volumes.

The practice of Muharat trading started way back in 1957 when it was decided that trading should be done at Bombay Stock Exchange on Diwali to tap the benefits of Shubh Muharats or auspicious times. It is widely believed that the one-hour Muhurat trading is the perfect time for millennials to enter the market. During the Muhurat trading session, investors and brokers buy value-based stocks, which are good for the long term. It is believed that during the particular muhurat, planets are aligned in such a way that brings a rewarding outcome. There is common belief that Muharat trading brings prosperity and wealth. This is one of the main reasons why buying and selling of stocks during Muharat trading hour is believed to result in prosperity and wealth. Investors reserve their best stock bets for the auspicious occasion for positive returns as well as prosperity.