Google Doodle honors women’s firsts on International Women’s Day

Google is celebrating the International Women's Day with an animated Doodle

Google is giving a big hand to women to honor this year’s International Women’s Day. Google is celebrating the International Women’s Day with an animated Doodle that highlights women’s “firsts” in history. Technically, it’s a lot of big hands — big hands that made a difference through the years.

The Doodle focuses on the hands that opened the doors for women today, including those of the first women to cast a vote and other activists. In a short video, Google Doodle symbolically features the hands of women who were the first female scientists, doctors, astronauts, engineers, activists, artists and more paving the way for future generations. International Women’s Day 2021 falls right within Women’s History Month in various countries around the globe. In keeping with that, Google has already released numerous Doodles that feature numerous trailblazing women throughout history in the lead up to this global celebration.

The video doodle effectively “raises a hand” to all women, past, present, and future. At just 41 seconds long, this Doodle can’t quite do the entire history of women justice, but it’s a fairly powerful short clip that highlights some of the stories of women across the globe.