Happy Birthday Suga

BTS Suga celebrates birthday

BTS member, rapper, songwriter, and music producer Min Yoongi, popularly known as Suga, turned 28 on Tuesday. It is a huge day for the BTS Army that is celebrating his birthday on social media and through various platforms. They bombarded the social media platforms with wishes.

To celebrate his birthday with ARMY, Suga specially held a VLIVE live stream with fans. During the live stream, Suga told fans that he went and ate with the other members of BTS. He told fans that he knows the members so well he can always tell when they are planning something for his birthday. While his BTS members surprised Suga with a birthday cake, fans from all over the world have sent him birthday wishes. Donations have been made at various places in his honour. The rapper has achieved his own fan base, just like his fellow BTS members, with his rapping skills and effective songwriting. He is from the town of Daegu and made his debut in 2013 with BTS. Before joining BTS, he always planned on becoming a songwriter-producer, but chasing his dreams came at a cost.

In 2016, he released his first solo mixtape, Agust D. One theme that always makes its way into Suga’s solo music is his road toward achieving his dreams. Since high school, he was known as a rapper under the name Gloss. Yoongi did not come from an affluent background, and has been working part-time jobs since he was in school. It is a known fact that Suga has spoken about LGBTQ rights and mental health issues. Meanwhile, BTS will be performing at the 63rd Grammy Awards on March 14. This is the first time a Korean artist will perform as an official nominee at the Grammy Awards.