How can a person who does not do the basics of self-defense protect the people of the country, Obama

UP lawyer files civil suit against Obama

 Former President Barack Obama has sharply criticized US President Donald Trump. Obama has been criticized for saying that someone who doesn’t do the basics to protect himself is going to suddenly protect us all one day. ‘The corona epidemic has been raging in the country for the last eight months. The number of corona patients is still increasing here. Donald Trump is not going to come suddenly and protect any of us. “He has not been able to do even the basic things to protect himself,” Obama said.

He said that this was not a reality show and that the people here were suffering the consequences of not doing their duty. Obama also reminded us that the next 13 days are very important. ‘We can’t afford another four years. You are already far behind. “Everyone should be able to cast their ballots,” Obama said.

Former President Barack Obama says Trump is not going to save American citizens who can’t even take the basic steps to self-defense. Obama lashes out at Republican nominee Donald Trump as the US presidential election campaign draws to a close.