‘Deepfake’- a visual media manipulation app

Those who are fond of taking selfies and sharing them on social media platforms, need to be aware of this app. It is a tremendously difficult task to remove a picture once appeared on the internet to be removed. It is also not 100% sure that the image has been removed successfully. With the help of artificial intelligence, theses pictures can be converted to pornographic images and can be shared. The technology used for this purpose is an app-Deepfake. Deepfakes are synthetic media in which manipulated videos, or other digital representations produced by sophisticated artificial intelligence, that yield fabricated images and sounds that appear to be real. Anybody who has a computer and access to the internet can technically produce a “deepfake” video. This technology has become accessible to masses and can be used to make people believe something is real when it is not. Cybercriminals can steal the pictures and can easily convert them into pornographic images with the help of this app.

Millions of websites are there from where, it will be a himalayan task to remove such images or videos. Anyone can prepare fake videos with the help of any software with a little practice. Mobile phone applications are also available for the same. If you come across such a situation, we must know the actions need to be taken. Faster the action, the better will be the result. Contact the police as a primary step, as FIR is mandatory. You can also lodge your complaint against such objectionable content on social media. Do not send money or a picture of your ID to hosting companies or website owners in order to get your content removed. Make sure that the uploaded photo or video removed from the source of the upload. It is important to get it removed from there and move on to the other sites, if there are any. Almost every state has a Cyber ​​Cell department. However, if you wish, you can also inform the National Cyber ​​Crime Reporting Portal. You can also report to the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development through an e-mail. The main thing to save yourself from this is, you should avoid posting close up pictures on social media.