I don′t care what people say about me; Akhil Marar

Akhil Marar said that the reason why he is currently wearing the Sanghi title is because of the possibility of Suresh Gopi winning in Thrissur and the reasons for that. Akhil said that those who are criticizing him are a few people who are a curse to the Congress party, which has no connection with the society, which runs on communalism and ignorance.

React through social media One more small note is written because it is necessary….why are these gangs like Akhil Marare called on Congress platforms…? Suresh Gopi’s chances of winning in Thrissur are the reasons given for the current Sanghi title. If that is the case,some more things are clearly stated. In the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, the left party will make a big breakthrough in Kerala. Most of the seats that UDF is sure to win will be the seats of constituent parties. UDF front can almost secure 8 seats including Shashi Tharoor in Thiruvananthapuram, Attingal Adoor Prakash, Hibi Edan in Ernakulam and Rahul Gandhi in Wayanad. In the rest of the constituencies, except Thrissur, there is a situation of left dominance.

There are those who didn’t win if they contested in their own ward, and those who contested in the assembly on their father’s money. Just so they know, when the Lakshwa Island issue came up, even if you don’t remember me criticizing BJP’s stand on TV channel interviews and, you will remember the name Prahul Poda Patel and the troll. You also don’t know what I said against the communal statement of Amit Shah who tried to turn Wayanad into Pakistan when Rahul Gandhi contested in Wayanad.

Don’t u remember that ,I said that BJP loves gods more than humans..don’t u remember that i went to Oommen’s campaign site after winning Bigg Boss. You may not remember that i participating in various Congress programs at the invitation of leaders like Ramesh Chennithala, Kodikunnil, Adoor Prakash, K Sudhakaran.

Don’t need any m b b s graduation for say that if a person with a liver goes to drink toddy, he will die… Not any education for That’s why I will move forward by telling the truth.. Anyway, as a Sanghi.. This also says… As an Indian with Hindu consciousness and secular values, for my country and this country’s satva consciousness, culture and knowledge. If there is a Congressman who is not afraid of any religion to uphold the national consciousness that is not collusive to destroy it, I am one of them.

If it is not secularism, if it means insulting Hinduism and appeasing the mistakes of other religions, then I will not be part of that group… Please give a petition to KPCC as soon as possible. Congressmen should not call Akhil Marar. Because he has a clear vision with an Indian consciousness, does not speak pseudo-secularism, has real consciousness, has a sense to understand the poor, and moreover he has walked alone in front of those who tried their best to eliminate him and won the battle of life.

Why should we call those who have no backbone. I don’t mind what these people in hundred groups said against me in the same party that doesn’t accept the leaders of their own party.. However, I don’t want a foot in my name inside the party… Please don’t invite me to any political event.