“Local Self-Government Elections Deal a Significant Blow to UDF”

UDF suffered a heavy blow in the by-elections to 23 local wards of the state. UDF won 10 seats, LDF 9 seats and NDA 3 seats. In one place the independent won. In six places, the LDF has won a coup. UDF which had 14 seats reduced to 10 seats. The UDF also lost the administration of the panchayat after it lost the by-elections held in Nedumbassery 14th ward. LDF candidate NS Archana won the administration. Archana won by 98 votes in Kalpaka, the 14th ward. The by-election was held when Sandhya Narayanapilla, who was the vice president of the panchayat, resigned. A group dispute in the Congress resulted in his resignation.

1- LDF wrested Vellar ward of Municipal Corporation from BJP. CPI’s Panathura Baiju won by 151 votes. BJP came second and Congress third.

2- LDF wrested Kunnanad Ward of Ottasekharamangalam Gram Panchayat from BJP. Sreejala of CPM won with a majority of 59 votes.

3-BJP retained Kovilvila ward of Poovachal gram panchayat. BJP candidate Rajini won here by 19 votes. Sheeba of CPI came second.

4- CPM captured Atayaman Ward of Old Panchayat from Congress. Archa Rajendran of CPM defeated D. Deepak of Congress by 12 votes. BJP’s Sindhu got 13 votes.

5-The LDF wrested Kuriyot ward from the BJP in Chadayamangalam panchayat. CPI’s PS Sunil Kumar won by 264 votes. Here the Congress came second. BJP’s Udayan came third with only 58 votes.


6- Congress wins in Kadammanitta Ward of Namananam Gram Panchayat. Congress candidate Ramesh M.R. Defeated BJP’s Ambili by 174 votes. An independent won here last time.


7-BJP wins in Kitangara Bazar South Ward of Velianadu Gram Panchayat. This is the sitting seat of CPM. BJP’s Subhash won by one vote. Subhash got 251 votes while CPM’s Geetamma Sunil got 250 votes. MR Ranjith, who contested as a CPM rebel, got 179 votes.


8- UDF retained Kunlkada Ward of Munnar Gram Panchayat. Congress’ Natarajan defeated CPM’s Rajkumar by 35 votes.

9- UDF also retained Natayar Ward in Munnar Panchayat. Congress’s Lakshmi defeated CPI’s Navneetha by 59 votes.


10-Congress captured Netaji Ward in Edavanakkad Gram Panchayat from CPM. Shanti Murali of Congress defeated Prince Radhakrishnan of CPM by 108 votes.

11- LDF wrested Kalpaka Nagar ward of Nedumbassery gram panchayat from UDF. CPM’s Archana NS won by 98 votes.


12-Mullassery Panchayat 7th ward by-election, LDF’s Jayam.V.M.Manish won by 63 votes. LDF is the sitting seat of UDF. Captured. Congress came third here


13-Chittoor Thattamangalam Municipal Council Mutukad Ward CPM retained. Arogyaswamy of CPM won by 369 votes.

14-Independent candidate Martin Antony won in Pitarimedu Ward of Eruthempati Gram Panchayat. Japamalameri of Congress was defeated by 146 votes.

15-CPM wins in Pookotukav North of Pookotukav gram panchayat. This is the sitting seat of LDF. CK Aravindakshan of CPM defeated Manikandan of Congress by 31 votes.

16-Nariparamp Ward of Tiruvegappuram Gram Panchayat has been retained by the Muslim League. League’s KTA Majeed won by 470 votes.

17-UDF retained Kachinikad East Ward in Makaraparam Gram Panchayat. Muslim League’s Nuhman Shibili won by 356 votes.

18, 19- Muslim League candidates won both the by-election seats in Kottakal Municipality. Both the seats were sitting seats of the League. In Ward Two Choonda, League’s Nashwa won by 171 votes and in Ward 14 East Villur, League’s Shahana Sherin won by 201 votes.


20- CPM captured Mammakunn Ward of Muzhupilangad Gram Panchayat. A.C. Naziat Bivi of CPM won the sitting seat of Congress by 12 votes. Congress’s Sheemima came second and SDPI’s candidate came third.

21- UDF wins in Palakot Central Ward of Ramantali Gram Panchayat. League’s Muhammad MP is sitting on UDF’s seat. He won by 464 votes.

22- Matai Gram Panchayat Muttam Ittappuram Ward retained by UDF. League’s Muhsina SH. won by 444 votes.

23- BJP account opened in Mattannur Municipal Council. In the town ward where the by-elections were held, BJP Candidate A. Madhusudanan won by 72 votes. This was the sitting seat of UDF.