India to supply COVID-19 vaccines to Canada soon

After Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called up Prime Minister Narendra Modi for coronavirus disease (covid-19) vaccine, India has in principle approved supply of Covishield vaccine for Canada in February. The vaccine supply to Canada was approved in principle after PM Trudeau called up PM Modi on February 10. However, a final decision on the quantum of supplies has not been taken yet.

Sources have also said supply will be made and an official announcement may also come soon. While the supply and delivery of Astra-Zeneca vaccine to Canada is in the process of being tied up, the request from Ottawa was approved last week. Canada has asked for one million doses of the Covishield vaccine on February 5.The process of army to army supply has already begun and the vaccine will be distributed by Indian Army to friendly countries. The supplies will be a mix of Covaxin and Covishield vaccine, the same way as has been applied to Indian Army’s frontline troops. It was decided that the supplies to armed forces of friendly countries will be dealt by Indian armed forces as a sign of deepening defence cooperation.