India’s Armwrestling Champion Rahul Panicker Defeats ‘World’s Strongest Bodybuilder’

Rahul Panicker defeats 'World's Dtrongest Body Builder'

Indian Arm Wrestling sensation and current 70 kg Indian National Arm Wrestling Champion Rahul Panicker has defeated American powerlifter, bodybuilder, social media personality Larry ‘Wheels’ Williams in a match that took place in Dubai. Hailing from Kochi, Rahul Panicker took on Larry Wheels, who is also known amongst the bodybuilding circles as the ‘World’s Strongest Bodybuilder’. The footage of their arm wrestling match has since gone viral on social media.

Rahul has remarkably added another feather to his glittering cap by beating Larry Wheels  in a supermatch. Rahul defeated Wheels in an exciting back and forth action and the Indian came from behind to defeat the much larger American. After having lost the first two-rounds, Rahul didn’t panic and instead kept his focus and ended up beating him in the next three rounds to ultimately win the Arm Wrestling match. Rahul Panicker has already earned six national medals in the last decade, and the Kochi man has gone from strength to strength. The 31-year-old is a man of many talents. He also happens to be a software engineer.