Kerala man thanks PM Modi for appreciating his cleanliness drive

PM Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi acknowledged a differently-abled man hailing from Kottayam in Kerala, for his effort to fish out plastic bottles from Lake Vembanad, NS Rajappan expressed his gratitude for the mention. “I was pleased to hear that Prime Minister Modi mentioned my name in Mann ki Baat address. I listened to the radio programme at my neighbour’s place,” Rajappan told ANI.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Modi appreciated Rajappan from Kerala, for his contribution towards cleanliness, during the monthly radio programme ‘Mann ki Baat’. During the ‘Mann Ki Baat’, PM Modi said: “I have seen one more news from Kerala which reminds us of our responsibilities. There is a Divyang elderly person in Kerala’s Kottayam, NS Rajappan. He is unable to walk due to paralysis. But his commitment towards cleanliness has not faded.” “For the past several years, he rows his boat in the Vembanad lake and clears all the plastic bottles. Imagine how highly he thinks! We must also take inspiration from Rajappan ji and contribute towards cleanliness as far as possible,” he added. This address was also Prime Minister Modi`s this year`s first Mann Ki Baat at 11. Mann ki Baat is the Prime Minister`s monthly radio programme to the nation, which is broadcasted on the last Sunday of every month.